About LogixTec

LogixTec is one of the leading IT based company providing its services
since 2016 to our valuable customers including individuals and enterprises helping them grow.


About US

Founded in 2016, LogixTec is a provider of Software Development, Digital Marketing, and IT consultancy Services. Our journey begin with a 1 room apartment and a small team of 3 working on projects together and then evolved into Full fledge IT Company registered in the UK and Pakistan. Ever since we have been providing our services to clients around the globe helping them grow, strengthen, transform and improve their business performance.

What We do

Providing services promoting Excellence helps you grow and transform digitally.

What we Aim For

Bring Excellence in what we do and provide you with best-in-class service helping you make the right decisions, achieve digital transformation of your business, and revolutionize the business activities, keeping up with the latest trends and technologies. More than just an IT Company we are your supporter, promoting your growth in every aspect of Information Technology.



The comment below are just a sample of the 30.000+ clients
worldwide who transformed their business website with LogixTec.

What Clients Say

“It’s not just the theme that’s great, customizable, flexible it gives you insane amounts of control and all of the pre designed layouts are really clean and thoughtfully designed.”

— Richard B.